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March 28, 2012

What would you attempt if you new you could not fail ??

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? This is the question posed last week by Regina Dugan. Thinking about this question made me very uncomfortable. If you think about it actual failure has never really stopped progress – sometimes it even helps – think of all of the technology discovered by accident.
So it is not failure itself that keeps us from trying, but rather the fear of failure that keeps us from trying new things. Then it occurs to me to me that if we do not fail it is because we continue to do things we are capable of doing – so we are not pushing the envelope and not learning, and not growing.
Perhaps this is why I do not make as many posts to the blog as I know I should. I believe that this may also be responsible for me not starting many of the projects I have half planned and filed away for rainy days – I will be needing some models and I think I can see some gallery evenings in the future . Stay tuned here for some details.
For now, I will start with blog entries – It is official Wednesday is the day – I will make a blog entry every Wednesday, even if it is just a blurb about the studio. I will try to avoid blathering on about f-stops or focal lengths and try to keep it interesting.

This week the studio is sort of a flurry of activity – madly trying to clear things up before the trip to Florida to visit the Mouse Family and Mr. Potter. As soon as we get back we are going to be at the Didsbury and District Art and Trade show – stressful enough, but we will also be having faerie day there to try to raise funds for the Ross Ford Elementary School accessible playground project click here for details. Hope to see you all there .

March 27, 2012

wow – really long time between updates

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well, today I was a bit under the weather – one of those days where you are forced to slow yourself down, I guess we all need days like that, however I would rather they be of my own accord. Oh well. I guess it has given me the opportunity to do some of the things that were on my to do list – nap – update the web page – nap – blog post – - nap hey didn’t I already do that one – seems to be on here a few times. oh well back to my list – if you have the time the web page has been updated – if you do not see your faves there let me know

September 21, 2011

2011 Road race pictures here (I hope)

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it seems that because I did not update wordpress on my site for some reason the web galleries were not visible – so lets try this again

click HERE to see the pictures

August 23, 2011

2011 Didsbury Community Road Race Sneak a Peek

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August 21, 2011

gorgeous weather – 4 photographers 939 photos to edit

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Yay me. Today was the inaugural Didsbury Community Road race. We could not have asked for better weather . Well some of the racers were thinking it was getting a little warm towards the end – but I was just right – and it is all about me. All told there as 49 racers in the 5 and 10k races. Come on back here to see the race video this week and I will have links to where racers can down load photos from the race free of charge. Also if any racer would rather have a print I will gladly have them printed for 25% off.

July 19, 2011

Green Family sneak a peak

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Green Family.

February 16, 2011

Big weekend for the Calgary FreeRiderz

Back in September I was given the honour of becoming the club photographer for the Calgary FreeRiderz freestyle ski team. This past weekend members of the team competed in the provincial Slopestyle championship.  On the Men’s side there were 72 competitors including 5 members of the freeRiders.  Freeriderz had a very strong showing Kyler Tritter placed 3rd,  Cameron Duncan placed 1st in his group, Colin Hendrickson placed 4th  in his group and 5th overall, while his brother Mark placed first in his group and 1st overall.  It looked like so much fun – for or second or two I thought about debuting  the skiless snow pants tumble event – but at the last second I did manage to dig a boot in and save myself – unfortunately all photos of the mishap were mysteriously deleted.


Here are a few teaser photos – full video will be ready in a few days – just awaiting the sound track from RadioFlyer can’t wait to hear the new tunes

February 3, 2011

lament for lethargy

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getting ready for valentines so nothing really appropriate for posting here (picture wize ). I have finally completed the cull of the pictures for the portfolio review – I came to the conclusion that, in many ways, I had been complacent and somewhat lazy. I have been in a bit of a rut in my design. I think that is because, until, now I have not wanted to have the second meeting to involve the subject in the design process of the session.  I have been contemplating this for a while . While I understand that some people feel that it is an inconvenience coming in to the studio twice for one photo session , but in the past when clients have not wanted to come in for the design session, the client will come in and the see some of the pictures on the wall  of the studio and say  gee I want something like that, but they are not wearing the right clothing, or I have they want an outdoor instead of an indoor picture. I have decided that this is exceptionally important part of the process and will now be part of every


At any rate this week’s blog post is answering another question. I was asked about exposure  – how do you determine the right exposure for a picture. Sorry to say that the answer to that question is  – it depends. Exposure for a picture is rather like filling a bucket with water from a tap.  You have several options, depending on your objectives in creating the photograph. In the digital world exposure is created by an equation something like exposure=iso ( aperture x shutter speed). In the film days iso – or sensitivity was set by your choice of film – but in the digital world you have a nifty dial. Think of  the picture like a bucket you would like to fill with water . at the tap you have a few options when it comes to filling that bucket – if you are interesting in filling it fast – you can open that tap wide open for a few seconds . if however you are more interested in filling that bucket accurately then you can open it up just a little for a longer period of time to make sure you get it exactly full.

The same is true for a photograph. If your objective is to stop motion or time – then the part of the equation you are most interested in – is the shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed the more you will stop time.  So if you  are shooting a picture of a car driving by, and you want the tires stopped – this is accomplished (either with a flash – ask me if you want more on this – or ) but having a fast shutter speed – the equivalent of opening the faucet to fill the bucket.

Another option is maybe you want to control how much of the picture is in focus – maybe  you want to have from the foreground to infinity (hyperfocal) in focus – or maybe you want to have only a selective part of the picture in focus and the kewl blur (bokeh) everywhere else .( I am a bit biased – but I think that this is where Canon has an edge over Nikon). This focus/blur ratio is controlled by the aperture – of the fstop (partially a factor of  your lens choice as well)  f stop is a ratio of the size of the lens opening/ the length of the lens . so the smaller the f stop – the more open the lense is ( a 50 mm lesn that is open 50 mm will have an f 1 where as a 50 mm lens open 25 mm = f2).  The smaller the f stop the less that is in focus – the more kewl blur.

So the answer to what is the correct exposure depends on what is your objective – in the old days thay used to teach the sunny 16 rule – if you were shooting out doors on a sunny day your exposure for 100 iso film at 1/125 of a second was f16. Great for landscapes – that is a pretty tiny opening – lots of depth of field pretty quick 1/125 of a second will stop most action . However if you are shooting car racing – maybe you want to look at say mayb1/250 of a second so you need 2xs as much light (each f stop is 2x ass much light) so maybe you would look at f11 at 1/250

Or maybe you only want an eye to be in focus f stop is more important to you maybe you want say f8 at 1/500 .  or f 2.8 at 1/2000 of course some of this depends on your lens choice which is another question all together . Hope this helps, If you have any questions please send me an email .

January 26, 2011

Reflecting on the Great One

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Today is Wayne Gretsky’s 50th birthday. For most of my adult life it was hard to think about hockey without thinking about Wayne. Folks of my parents age refer to Gordie Howe as Mr. Hockey – Maybe if that name was not taken it would belong to Wayne, instead he was dubbed the great one.  As a flames fan it was always hard to watch the guy. But you cannot argue with his list of accomplishments.  Despite retiring over 10 years ago, Wayne still holds or shares over 61 NHL records. Several of which I think will stand for many years. Despite being at the top of his game – and in a league of his own Wayne was always looking to improve himself, and was often his own biggest critic. It was reported that he was disgusted with himself at the end of the 1981-82 hockey season for only scoring 92 goals – as he felt 100 was possible.

This week has been about being my own critic, – having a good honest look  through my past photos. I sure hope I have not had my shot at 92 goal season. Like Wayne I have been setting goals for myself for the year.  I have finally decided that it  is time to start my looking glass  project.  If anyone is interested in helping out with some concept art photos – send me an email.

January 19, 2011

Resolve for the resolutions ??

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Here it is the third Wednesday of the year, and I am still struggling with the resolve for the resolutions.  This year IS going to be a good health year.  Had a minor procedure today – that is out of the way for now. And I am almost keeping up with the weekly blog posts. It turns out that the new website, pricing, policies procedures etc. are more time consuming and boring than anticipated – this week in between shoots I too some time to revisit some old photo techniques – manipulating the shape of the blur. 

 Now that it is actually warming up I am planning to get put with a camera maybe take a few shots outside.  Might even haul out a pinhole camera for amusement.

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