Chasing the Light

September 30, 2009

Lions and Faeries and Tigers. . . oh my

Well, I think I may have finnally done it – well if you can actually read this then, it would appear as though I have . After several days of banging my head against the wall I did it – I finally went to the dreaded instructions and figured out how to create a bit of a blog. I hope to take time at least once a week to try to let you know what is going on or coming up in the studio.


For instance, this week face painter extrodinare Sheree Andrews AKA Bubbles the Clown of Didsbury’s own Giggle gang, sent me 8 of her human Canvases  for a shoot for her web page I have never tried that sort of event setting so many shoots up in one evening like that. I really did not know what to expect . I was really quite surprised. We had so much fun – all the kids in the studio quite  a lot of energy – I shot so many pictures here are a few.  

 giggle gang_1052a  giggle gang_1105a  giggle gang_0998a  giggle gang_0941a

Some of you that followed some of my earlier posts on facebook or flickr may remember an earlier photoshoot  Sheree and I collaborated on for that maternity project.

1 web

the belly painting and face painting with an 8×10 photo to preserve the moment are available by contacting either myself or Sheree, watch right here for up coming specials and news about  a spectatular new project – may have said too much already . . .

September 29, 2009

Hello world!

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