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January 26, 2011

Reflecting on the Great One

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Today is Wayne Gretsky’s 50th birthday. For most of my adult life it was hard to think about hockey without thinking about Wayne. Folks of my parents age refer to Gordie Howe as Mr. Hockey – Maybe if that name was not taken it would belong to Wayne, instead he was dubbed the great one.  As a flames fan it was always hard to watch the guy. But you cannot argue with his list of accomplishments.  Despite retiring over 10 years ago, Wayne still holds or shares over 61 NHL records. Several of which I think will stand for many years. Despite being at the top of his game – and in a league of his own Wayne was always looking to improve himself, and was often his own biggest critic. It was reported that he was disgusted with himself at the end of the 1981-82 hockey season for only scoring 92 goals – as he felt 100 was possible.

This week has been about being my own critic, – having a good honest look  through my past photos. I sure hope I have not had my shot at 92 goal season. Like Wayne I have been setting goals for myself for the year.  I have finally decided that it  is time to start my looking glass  project.  If anyone is interested in helping out with some concept art photos – send me an email.

January 19, 2011

Resolve for the resolutions ??

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Here it is the third Wednesday of the year, and I am still struggling with the resolve for the resolutions.  This year IS going to be a good health year.  Had a minor procedure today – that is out of the way for now. And I am almost keeping up with the weekly blog posts. It turns out that the new website, pricing, policies procedures etc. are more time consuming and boring than anticipated – this week in between shoots I too some time to revisit some old photo techniques – manipulating the shape of the blur. 

 Now that it is actually warming up I am planning to get put with a camera maybe take a few shots outside.  Might even haul out a pinhole camera for amusement.

January 12, 2011

Trying to make a clean sweep

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Photo credit : Vaughan Litke all rights reserved 2011

Photo credit : Vaughan Litke all rights reserved 2011

photo Vaughan Litke – we need to work on his use of back button focus


This week has been about cleaning up.

Not from the cake smash – though there was a bit of that. Mostly, I have been cleaning up from what I hope to call the old studio – to make room for the new studio. No, I am not moving, but I am in the process a changing the way I do business. First I need to clean up some of the older orders I have waiting around – I have few that still have to schedule some viewings for – I will try to get to that this week, and some that need to have the orders picked up and or delivered – this too will be done .

For quite some time now – longer than I care to admit – I have been a “member” of the Professional Photographers of Canada (Alberta). I say “member” in parenthesis because – while I have paid my fees and am financially in good standing, I have not, as of yet submitted my portfolio for acceptance.  This peer review is necessary in order to become a full fledged – no parenthesis member. 

This is something I hope to change. This week I contacted my mentors and will begin the process of  accreditation. I will be reshooting many of the photos that are in my portfolio now. If anyone is hard up for fun and wishes to help out – I may be able to offer a limited number of free sessions – give me a call if you are up for some interesting photos.

January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Once again it is a New Year, this year it is once again my resolution to update this blog. So, here it is I will update this blog faithfully every wednesday. It has been exceptionally busy over the past few weeks. I am currently working on rebuilding the website the blog and creating a facebook fan page. 

To me it seems very conceited to create a fan page dedicated to yourself – however if one is to play by the rules with facebook this is the route one must take. The fan page is no where near readym however it is now up and running – though under construction.

The studio has been an interesting place as well. this week we had a Visit from Amanda Yakem from Illuminations Photography in Edmonton and a tripple cake smash – three little ladies came in for a get togehter to celebrate their first year.

It was not actually their birthday – but this was the first chance we had to celebrate.  After the birthday girls ate their fill of the cake, they decided to share with their older sisters. 

Thank goodness Amanda was around to help with the cleanup. (Thank You Amanda)

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