Chasing the Light

March 28, 2012

What would you attempt if you new you could not fail ??

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? This is the question posed last week by Regina Dugan. Thinking about this question made me very uncomfortable. If you think about it actual failure has never really stopped progress – sometimes it even helps – think of all of the technology discovered by accident.
So it is not failure itself that keeps us from trying, but rather the fear of failure that keeps us from trying new things. Then it occurs to me to me that if we do not fail it is because we continue to do things we are capable of doing – so we are not pushing the envelope and not learning, and not growing.
Perhaps this is why I do not make as many posts to the blog as I know I should. I believe that this may also be responsible for me not starting many of the projects I have half planned and filed away for rainy days – I will be needing some models and I think I can see some gallery evenings in the future . Stay tuned here for some details.
For now, I will start with blog entries – It is official Wednesday is the day – I will make a blog entry every Wednesday, even if it is just a blurb about the studio. I will try to avoid blathering on about f-stops or focal lengths and try to keep it interesting.

This week the studio is sort of a flurry of activity – madly trying to clear things up before the trip to Florida to visit the Mouse Family and Mr. Potter. As soon as we get back we are going to be at the Didsbury and District Art and Trade show – stressful enough, but we will also be having faerie day there to try to raise funds for the Ross Ford Elementary School accessible playground project click here for details. Hope to see you all there .

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